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Modern Office Kitchen | OCC Property & Construction Group | Melbourne


Commercial Office Maintenance & Damage Repairs

We have commercial plumbers for your next bespoke project and ongoing maintenance needs.


We offer regular and scheduled visits as well as one-off project management.


Our services also include plumbing system design and development, as well as project estimating and management.

Specialists in Commercial Plumbing Works

We understand the difference between residential and commercial plumbing jobs - when you partner with OCC, you’re partnering with experienced and highly qualified professionals.

All our commercial plumbing installations and repairs are covered by our public liability insurance and we will always and MUST provide you with a Certificate of Compliance certifying the work was performed by a licensed plumber and complies with the relevant plumbing standards, codes and regulations. 

  • Our 24 hour plumber is available for Urgent Services to your commercial property


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