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Kitchen & Bathroom Renovations in Melbourne

For kitchen renovations or bathroom renovations in Melbourne our team are the best project partners you can find.


With carpentry and plumbing expertise we can help create a beautiful finish and add extra value to your property. We provide a complete solution to suit your needs.

Kitchen Renovations

There’s more to renovating a kitchen than meets the eye. While the most obvious elements to think about will be redesigning the kitchen layout and changing the look of the benchtops or sinks, there’s also a lot of groundwork to be done. Fortunately, our team are fully capable of carrying out kitchen renovations in Melbourne of all types and sizes.


Perhaps you need to look at your gas plumbing to move the location of your stovetops, or maybe you need to alter the whole plumbing set up to change from gas stoves to induction stoves. Whatever renovations you have in mind, our team brings plenty of value thanks to our combined 50 years of experience in construction.


Our budget kitchen renovations in Melbourne will help you plan and bring your ideas to life with fantastic workmanship from our experienced, qualified and licensed trades, plumbers and electricians. We install and work with both stone and laminate benchtops to achieve a wide range of aesthetics and can help you source sinks of all styles and colours.


OCC brings all the services you require to the table, from cabinet makers and plumbers to electricians and more. This makes us the best one-stop choice for your next kitchen renovation.

Bathroom Renovations

There have been a lot of changes in bathroom designs in recent years. From new trends in floor and ceiling tiles through to open showers and double vanities, the modern bathroom has come a long way. These days, bathrooms are one of the first things that prospective buyers look at when judging a new property to see if it suits their needs.


That makes older bathrooms stick out like a sore thumb, which is why a bathroom renovation could be the perfect way to reinvigorate your property. 

OCC brings together all the services you need to ensure the end result is everything you dreamed. From the basic works of membraning and waterproofing to tiling and installing new vanities, OCC will be there from concept to finish.

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