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Other Construction Services in Melbourne

Construction is about more than just putting up walls and installing roofs. At OCC, we can do so much more than that for residential and commercial properties.


From timber flooring installation  to balcony restoration through to knock down / rebuild and more - we can get the job done.


Our highly trained team can be trusted to achieve incredible results that leave you feeling completely satisfied.

Timber Flooring and Decking

OCC is a leading provider of quality timber flooring installation in Melbourne. Our qualified carpenters can install many types of timber flooring to give your property the perfect finish. Whether installing brand new flooring or replacing old flooring, we can install your product using your preferred method.


These methods include:

  • Secret nails

  • Gluing

  • Click system

If your floor requires levelling or the installation of a damp-proof membrane, we can do that too. Our team also installs timber decking to ensure your alfresco areas maximise their potential. Make sure it gets oiled at least once a year and it will always come up looking brand new year after year. Whether you know exactly what you want or you need us to inspire you, we have extensive experience with timber flooring installation in Melbourne.


If your property is built on stumps, then restumping or re-levelling is going to be an absolute necessity every 20 or so years. Houses on stumps can suffer from sloping floors, cracked plaster and a myriad of other structural problems if the stumps are affected by shifting ground. Climate conditions and leaks from broken sewers or stormwater drains can cause this.


Fortunately, the OCC team offers a complete restumping and underpinning service. If your home, workplace or even school building is built on stumps and you don’t know how long it’s been since someone has come and had a look them, we can put your mind at ease. Call us today for an obligation-free quote.

Balcony Restoration in Melbourne

Like every other part of your house, balconies need constant love and attention. As a registered building practitioner and expert balcony builder, OCC can perform routine checks and repairs of your balcony. Our balcony restoration in Melbourne covers everything from the balustrading and tiles through to the membrane and more.


Sometimes, poor construction or extreme weather can mean that a complete rebuild is required. If your balcony is leaking from underneath, then that’s a sure sign that your balcony’s membrane needs restoration - we can handle this for you.


Our combined 50 years of building and construction experience makes us the number one choice when it comes to balcony rebuilds and balcony restoration in Melbourne. If your balcony is leaking or has visible signs of structural deterioration, call us for assistance.

Knockdown & Rebuild in Melbourne 

OCC are the expert builder of choice for our many satisfied customers, but we can also safely demolish and knock things down as well. Sometimes, the best thing you can do is start with a blank canvas. If you’re looking to knock something down and start fresh, we’re here to help you get started with a professional knock down & rebuild in Melbourne.


Whether you’re building your dream home or redeveloping an existing property and need to get something out of the way before you get started, we have the demo team to get you on your way. Once the demo is done, our all-round offering has everything you’ll need to complete your knock down rebuild in Melbourne.

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