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New Home Builders in Melbourne

A home often reflects your individual personality and lifestyle. OCC Property & Construction has a team of New Home Builders in Melbourne who can make your dreams a reality.
We appreciate how important it is to choose builders who are trained and experienced to translate your dreams from intricate drawings into fabulous structures.  

Building something from the ground up is an exciting process. It often represents the culmination of your hopes and dreams. You want to bring someone on board who has done it before and who brings all the complementary services that make building your project a breeze. By choosing OCC, you’ve found a company who will truly partner with you in your project.

Our new home builders in Melbourne, have built new homes, apartment blocks, units and office suites before.


Our in-house electrical, plumbing and roofing teams are all fully qualified and licensed.


You can rely on us to get the job done properly and deliver results that leave you in love with your dream project for years to come.

Wall Frames

Every good structure starts with good bones. Our highly experienced new home builders understand this better than most.


We use timber from sustainable sources, combined with steel to ensure your property remains structurally sound and versatile for whatever finishes you have in mind.

We pride ourselves on working to your plans. This means what your architect, engineer, surveyor or planner has designed on paper is what you’ll get. 


If your renovation means you need to make changes to your existing wall frame, our new home builders in Melbourne boast all the engineering experience required to ensure any changes are made soundly to protect your asset.

Roof Truss Installation

If you’ve already looked through our extensive roofing services, then you’ll know that we bring our own in-house roofing team to your renovation or extension project.


That makes OCC the best one-stop destination for your project. We’re perfectly placed to handle your roof truss installations on your latest extension.

Roof trusses are engineered and manufactured to an exacting standard, which means they need specialist handling. Our carpentry team will handle the erection and bracing of your roof trusses to ensure they perform as designed and give your roof a solid structural base. Every member of our New Home Builders Team in Melbourne upholds the highest standards of workmanship at all times.


The lock up stage of any build is crucial to the project’s success. Our team of new home builders in Melbourne, will look after everything heading into lock up. We can help you find reputable door suppliers that fit your style and budget. Our carpenters will install windows and doors to get your property in the best shape possible as we near the completion of your job.


As we near the end of your build, we understand the need for ultimate precision.


Our team of expert carpenters bring over half a century of combined building experience to your project, ensuring we provide you with a quality finish.


At this stage, our builders will transform your rough-looking interior into the start of your finished product. Our attention to detail and expert trades will ensure all your plastering, skirting, waterproofing and tiling is of the highest standard.

We have experience working with a wide range of materials and we’re capable of even the most detailed finishes.


At this stage, our expert electricians and plumbers are on hand to complete all electrical and plumbing work, including appliance installations and more.


OCC can handle all your carpentry needs. Our top-class carpenters can install doors, cabinets, cupboards, vanities and all other cabinetry. Our expert carpenters will be involved in every stage of your project to ensure everything is just the way you want it.


As we close in on completion, we’ll endeavour to make sure kitchen cabinetry, bedroom wardrobes and all other carpentry are seamlessly installed.

Our carpentry team has built a wide range of houses, extensions, carports, pergolas and more and our decades of experience will be vital to the completion of your project. From frames to finishing, our qualified carpenters have you covered.

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