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Emergency Electrical Services

If your property has lost lights or power, or if your utilities are constantly losing power, don’t mess around. Call our 24 hr emergency electrician now on 1300 248 365.


Electrical faults can be dangerous, so it’s essential that you call a licensed commercial or domestic electrician in Melbourne (depending on the circumstances) as soon as possible to come and assess any damage or identify potential issues for your safety and the safety of your property.


At Domain Maintenance and Construction, we have an emergency hotline to provide a prompt response to any electrical emergency you may be experiencing. One of our trained and qualified emergency electricians is on hand to attend to your call at any time, day or night.

Emergency Electrical Repairs Done Right

If you’ve experienced an after hour electrical fire, you will need a licensed after hour electrician to attend your property, assess the cause of the fire and implement solutions to ensure it never happens again.


Our 24 hour emergency electricians can also be of service if you’ve suffered a power outage or power failure. They will inspect your home’s electrical system and safely identify any faulty wiring or appliances.


Blown fuses are another common cause for the need of an urgent electrician. These are commonly caused by an overloaded circuit, but you should never take any risks when it comes to electricity.

24 Hour Emergency Electrician Just a Phone Call Away

Make sure you take full advantage of DMC’s 24/7 emergency hotline, allowing you to get a qualified and licensed 24 hr electrician on site to help ensure your property is safe and secure. Our emergency electricians will take photos and make all relevant reports for any insurance claims as a result of electrical damages or failures, ensuring your claim will be expedited.


Don’t hesitate – call our emergency hotline today on 1300 248 365 for a qualified and experienced emergency electrician in Melbourne.


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