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Emergency Roofing Services

Leaky roof? If your roof is constantly leaking, you need to get it checked immediately. Call our Emergency Roof Repairs Melbourne number now: 1300 248 365.


If you’ve had to get buckets to catch the dripping water from your roof or need an emergency roof repair in Melbourne, then you need  Domain Maintenance and Construction to come and inspect your roof.


A leaking roof can be the first sign of deeper problems and left unattended could leave you with an expensive and dangerous collapse.

Here’s a helpful hint: Use a blade or a knife to lance the plaster in the area of the leak to allow more water to seep through and place your bucket underneath. This will expel the accumulated water quickly and reduce the weight resting on your plaster ceiling, removing the risk of a ceiling collapse.


DMC’s emergency roof repair Melbourne service provides a 24-hour phone line you can call seven days a week to get urgent assistance with all your roofing issues.


Call us at anytime to ensure our highly-qualified roofers are on site in an instant to provide you with an assessment of the problem and an immediate solution.


If we can’t find a permanent fix straight away, we’ll ensure your property is at least made safe before a long-term solution can be put in place.

Our emergency roofing service provides security for your simple leaks caused by wear and tear and a lack of proper maintenance as well as leaks caused by an insurable event such as storm, high wind or falling trees – we’ve seen it all.


Our experienced roofers have worked on all types of roof. From tile roofs to slate roofs all the way to metal roofs, we’ve seen it all and worked on them all before.


Once we’ve attended to your emergency, our roofing service will ensure your roof is watertight and you are out of trouble.

Depending on the problem that presents itself at the time this may be in the form of a temporary or a permanent fix.

If it’s the former, don’t despair as we will provide you with a no obligation free quote to have it completely repaired, replaced or restored as required.


DMC’s roofers have vast experience working on jobs for insurance companies. We take a portfolio of photos and scripting job reports to ensure your insurance claim moves ahead as smoothly as possible. For us, it’s just par for the course.


After all, if you require an emergency roof repair, the last thing you need is to be held up by paperwork.


Don’t hesitate, if you have any concerns about your roof or have been struck by an unfortunate set of circumstances, call DMC’s emergency hotline now: 1300 248 365.


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